Brown Teddy Bear Hoodie with Cute Ears Review

Have you ever thought the idea of Bear ears and how fun it is wearing them in a hoodie? Bear ear hoodies are outfits which are made of very soft fleece. It has either zip up in the front or over the head or even both. This special types of hoodies have a special string which holds the hood close to your neck in order to keep your ears wind free and warm at the same time. This hoodie was purchased from Top Tier Style, you can check out their cute bear hoodie with ears using the link provided. We hope that you like this product.

This type of hoodie basically made up of two super soft fleece layers. These two layers are then sewn and stitched together. They are then added with a flexible type of band at the end of its sleeves and also at the bottom.This adorable hoodie is going to be among the unique things that will get to keep you happy and comfortable during the winter season. It is a very warm,comfortable and above all durable. The bear ear type of hoodie is made from pure polyester and cotton . It comes in three main colors with cute bear ears. There is a website which gives these away all the time – they are called glossy bingo.

It is also available for both the adults and children who are over 6 years. They vary in sizes from a small size to extra large. They can be worn by both sexes though it is mostly worn by women who usually prefer pink coloured hoodies. The bear ear type of hoodies has always embraced the famous concept of having something for everyone. Therefore for the skateboard enthusiasts, these hoodies have elaborate designs to make them smile. This hoodie just makes the best attire for those who love to dress for a casual look . Don’t forget that of all types of hoodies; bear ears type is relatively low-priced. They are available in most places ranging from wholesale stores to unique shops. They are even available on online platforms See another guide on payforit casinos.

This hoodie is indeed amazing!. However, it has one drawback which is not much serious. Its tails fall off easily especially if you wash it many times. What you need to do is just to hold the tail with thread. However, if you hate sewing then just apply glue gun to glue.